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Wonka Sweetarts Candy Canes

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Depending on where you live in the US or in the world, you can’t easily find specialty candy at local stores. So, to serve your fine sweet taste, we decided that here at pazumpa we will only review and suggest the finest candies and chocolates to satisfy your taste.  These are candies, chocolates, bon bons and pastilles that you cannot easily find at local stores in remote areas.  We will soon ad a section for your fine taste in other specialty foods too.  So, keep coming back!

Now, take a look at these scrumptious, unique, and super inexpensive bright assortment of candy canes featuring 3 tangy SweetTarts flavors:

  •  Green
  • Apple,
  • Cherry
  • Blue Punch

Get them at Candy Warehouse They candy canes are perfect for those “Naughty Naughtys” who love to play tricks!  Or for a thought gift at Christmas or during any other celebration.  Children love to share these canes with their witty friends at swimming parties too.

The Canes Length are 6 Inches in a box containing 12 pieces, by Willy Wonka SweeTarts Candy Canes. These are the most affordable specialty children and adults favorite candies you can buy, costing $0.20 per cane, in a box weighing less than 1/2 lb., which makes shipping also very inexpensive, perhaps less than you would spend on gas driving to the nearest store to buy them.

Obviously you can find sugar and food coloring canes for a $1.00 at any store, but not these real fruit flavor canes. Click at the Candy Warehouse link above and surprise your children, or yourself! with these beautiful fruity treats!


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