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Wall Decals – Cats

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Wall Decal – Cats

These amazing black cats wall decals are a uniquely modern way for you to decorate your space.

Flowers - Wall DecalsIf you like you can mix and match these wall decals.  For example you can try try these Flowers decals scene, such as these Long Stem Pink Flower and Butterfly that cats would love to catch,Pink Flower with Stem and Butterflies

or even a fish scene.

Any of these would look great with your black cats.

I have found that I can find a variety of decals and art to choose from at Their art is top quality for the affordable prices they offer, and oh! how I delight perusing and finding beautiful things there, but… I only have a limited number of walls in my home!

Wall decals is the new trend in interior design. Wall decals provide a quick, simple and inexpensive alternative to painting a room.

Decals are easy to incorporate alongside your framed posters and prints or other wall ornaments and very easy to apply or to remove without damaging the wall paint when you eventually get tired of them.

So take your cat to your room and have fun with these black cats decals from We are cat lovers in our home. We have 5 cats now, but we used to have 10 total!

Yes! I know, that’s crazy, but that is the number of cats we used to have. One of them, Minie, broke our hearts when she died. She was amazing … shinny black fur against dazzling green eyes and very little and soft, active and loving. To this day no cat has replaced her in our hearts.

So, of course in our home we wouldn’t think of posting these adorable, playful black cats decals on our walls without a treat to celebrate Minie’s life.


So, indulge with us in these foiled milk chocolate black cats here on the left, or this foiled  milk chocolate cat candy snuggled here below made especially for cat lovers like you and I.

(For these two foiled black cats on the left , to the link right above here and search for “foiled milk chocolate black cats.”)

ilk Chocolate Cats Candy - 60 piece display


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