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Trolli Sour Brite Candy Canes

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Trolli Sour Brite candy canes, come in an assortment of three colors, 4 pieces of each flavor combination.  A total of 12 in the box.  These mouth watering  flavors are

  • Watermelon/Mixed Berry
  • Raspberry/Lemon
  • Apple/Peach

And they come in dark red and yellow stripe, orange and yellow strip, and sky blue with maroon strips.  How lovely they look in the box.  Don’t you think they make a perfect gift for that someone with a sweet tooth, or someone who has everything, but likes candies?

Where else can you find such delights but at Candy Wharehouse, and it can be delivered to your door or delivered to your recipient anywhere you wish to ship them to! I love the watermelon and berries flavor, but for a more fruity taste the apple and peach is a winner with me also.  You should try these flavors, or even do as so many do, collect an array of various flavor candy canes when they are more readily available during the holidays, so you can enjoy them all year around.

These canes are 6 inches long, sold at a unit cost of $0.25 a cane, and the beautifully ornate box contains 12 wrapped Trolli Sour Brite Candy Canes pieces.

Shipping Weight on this lovely candy box is less than 1/2 lb.


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