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Assorted Language Thank You Chocolate Gift Box

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Assorted Language Thank You Chocolate Gift Box

Oh Merci! I think I would simply faint with joy, if someone gave me such a huge “Thank You!”

And said in this many variety of  languages, it would mean even more.

These thank you square tables melt in the mouth, to make your thank you even more appreciated.

Milk chocolate,  dark chocolate, all smooth and creamy to the fine taste.

Each 4 inch by 6 inch in size box comes full of these heavenly, graceful thank you squares.

They are found at Candy Warehouse, ready to be shipped to whoever you wish to thank!

This precious Thank You chocolate box is packaged in an elegant golden gift box.  Nothing on this earth could show a more perfect  act of appreciation to a chocolate lover than this gift.

The box weights less than 2 lbs., which is perfect for anyone’s shipping budget.

My favorite tip to you: …Don’t forget to thank yourself!  You deserve it too.

  • Thank your family
  • Thank your children
  • Thank your parents
  • Thank your Mom and Dad
  • Thank the office
  • Thank the Secretary
  • Thank your boss
  • Thank your friends
  • Thank your neighbor
  • Thank your doctor
  • Thank your hair dresser
  • Thank you party
  • Thank your mother-in-law
  • Thanks for the gift
  • Thank your business partner
  • Thank your business contact
  • Corporate Thank You gift
  • Thank everybody

And your day  will come!


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