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Pink Flamingo Shaped Swirl Pops -12 piece box

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Extra! Extra! 12 dazzling sweet, pink Pink Flamingo Shaped Swirl Pops coming from Candy Warehouse!

Little hands won’t wait to open that box.

Their history:

“Boston-based artist Don Featherstone invented the award-winning Plastic Pink Flamingo lawn ornament in 1958 when the color pink was at the peak of American popularity. Featherstone’s front yard in Massachusetts boasts 57 of these iconic bubblegum-colored decorations.”

Obviously Featherstones didn’t think then that these adorable pink flamingo lollipops would be by far more popular than his lawn ornaments, but, here they are!

So, why not have both? Enjoy these sweet Pink Flamingo treat of the pops while enjoying the lawn decorations as well?  These pops are perfect for a luau or any pool or beach-themed stravaganza.

The pink color is strawberry and white color swirls suggests feathers.  The eyes and beak are darling also.  The only trouble is that these cute flamingos are almost too cute to eat!

Their specification are:
Length: 1 ¾ inches
Total length: 5 inches
Unit Price = $0.50 a piece.
And the box contains 12 wrapped Pink Flamingo Shaped Swirl Pops, weighing about 1 pound.

Imagine all the possibilities with these little pink flamingos pops in hand!  I can even think things such ordering good behavior in exchange for one!


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