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Patterned Butterflies – Wall Decals

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Look! Pattened Butterflies on my wall!

These dreamy Wall Decals offer are fabulously unique.

Family events always build positive memories with the children.  In my home I like to make everything an event with my children. It sometimes it costs money, but most of the time, it only takes a little ingenuity to for me to generate that “wow mommy” moment. Most of the time, I am already doing something routine for them, but I just change it to look a child’s fancy and they love it.

This lovely set of butterfly decals are available at for only $19.99

One such moment was our last Thanksgiving dinner.  I was setting the table the Thanksgiving traditional way, when I thought, “well why not, have a short protocol lesson and teach the children what the many pieces in my silver chest set are for?”

We’re having a small Thanksgiving dinner, just the four of us, so, I called the children around the table and taught them all about the different types of silver flatware, their price, and how the different pieces of silver in a formal silver flatware are used.  Then I extended the lesson into a sort lesson on crystal ware as well.  And we ended with the dimensions of setting a table.

My daughter was enchanted!  And my son, later asked me if he was using the correct silver spoon to serve vegetables!

Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that what memories are about? You have no idea how many thanks I received from my children, during and  after dinner.  I was amazed at how much they enjoyed that little lesson and how respectable they acted during it. Being a mom, you and I know, how difficult it is to get them to even come to the table when they are hungry.  I truly didn’t think they would be so interested in my silver set.  But then later I thought, “It wasn’t the pieces of silverware in silver set.” It was because it was shiny, and it is special, we don’t use it on our table everyday, and they felt special by being included, taught and allowed to handle something that they know is a treasure in our home.  That was the trick, and that is the key to the memory.

Now, that was a long story, and way off the topic of butterflies, wasn’t it?  And I know the idea may not appeal to everyone.  But here is an idea that you can adapt to create an experience with your child when placing those beautiful patterned butterfly decals in your child’s room:

 When placing these adorable patterned butterflies on your children’s bedroom walls, wouldn’t do it myself.  Here is what I would do:  I would set a date with my son for a “mamma-son-date.” I would tell him I have a surprise for him for our date.  I’d plan to fill his mini tea pot with his favorite tea: a mild mint and chamomile, caffeine free tea. Next, I would order those scrumptious butterfly lollipops to make a bouquet for the center piece of our picnic space in his bedroom, which would be on the floor in his bedroom over his favorite blanket.

Maybe I’ll read a little story book or a facts book on butterflies.  If I have time, I will wrap the package of butterflies decals to make it a pretty gift package. Later in the picnic, I will let him open the package and find the surprise butterfly decals. Then, I’ll let him post the decals on his bedroom walls wherever he likes.  I will sit and let him do the job. If it doesn’t get placed correctly, it doesn’t matter, the decals are removable, it won’t hurt the paint on the wall, and I can fix the blunders later.  But, I’ll let my son enjoy arranging his butterfly wall as pleases him. After all, it is his bedroom! ….But here is the interesting thing…my son is not a little boy anymore, he is a teenager who happens to absolutely, and totally love butterflies!

Imagine how much fun your teenage butterfly loving son, or little boy, will also have, decorating his room.

The decals shown above represent the actual size.

Ideal surfaces for decals are dry, clean and smooth surfaces including: painted drywall, glass, metal, sanded wood and non-textured wallpaper.

Decals are not recommended to be used on overly textured surfaces such as unpainted drywall, brick, cinder block, textured wallpaper or paneling.

  • Wall decals are best suited for temperature controlled environments. Includes re-usable and repositionable wall decals. Installs and removes in seconds. Dimensions represent size of decal sheet.

Have fun!


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