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McKeever and Danlee Bon Bons Candy Tins – Mango & Kiwi – 6 piece box

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McKeever and Danlee Don Bons Candy Tin - Mango and Kiwi fruit

The are simply the most favorite of all hard candies.  Its fine delicate texture comes from real fruit flavors. This particular tin contains mango, banana, and kiwi flavors.

This elegant gourmet McKeever and Danlee Bon Bons Candy Tin is filled with with sweet goodness, ready to make an impressive “just because” gift to  anyone with a special place in your heart.  It is also perfect as “best friends” gifts.

You can order these hard candy bon bons at great price from Candy Warehouse.

The unit Price on these is $2.90/tin.
The display box contains 6 McKeever & Danlee Mango & Kiwi Candy Bon Bons Tins, each containing 5.3 ounces of absolute delights.
The shipping weight of the box is about 3 lbs.

I am collecting each of these tins, empty of course! after savoring the delightful treats!

I know you’ll like these bon bons!



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