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Luck O The Irish Green Hot Chocolate Cauldron – (scroll down for info)

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Luck-o-Irish-Green-Hot-Chocolate - III

Feeling lucky today?

How about this Luck O The Irish Green Hot Chocolate Cauldron to bring you Irish luck on St. Patrick’s Day!

This Hot Chocolate mix magically turns green when you add warm water to the cauldron.


Irish Greats - Deliciious Irish REcipes, The Top 67 Irish Recipes - Book So waste no time! Invite all your friends to an authentic St. Patrick’s Day Irish dinner and treat them to a cup  of green hot chocolate to accompany great tasting Irish food. Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry - book

Tell them about Ireland and its rich culture, folklore, Fairy and  Folk Tales of Irish  Rich Peasantry in a twilight world of Celtic myth, legend, and mischievous fairy people, murderous giants, druids and more! Surely your guests will want to know the wonders of Ireland. Their children will be spellbound by tales of the magical land of green.  And you must provide them a green Irish Shamrock Pinata filled with sweet delights Shamrock Pinata - and a Leprechaun Hunt.

Aye, be a good hostess, lass. Carry your wee ones to the land of green and magic to catch a leprechaun!

Aye Lass, Here Is My Guide For Hunting Leprechauns:

Leprechauns Never Lie - Book First beware, Hunting leprechauns is not easy… Nay, lads!

Leprechauns disguise as humans and are very hard to spot… They dress in green coats and enjoy mischief, playing tricks and such. So be ready to be fooled by a leprechaun!

Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins 1 ounce Mesh Bags - 24 piece box But as tricky as they be, know this, lads: Leprechauns Never LieAnd if a leprechaun, ever tells ya where a pot of Gold Chocolate Coins is hiding or where to find a chess full of Green Chocolate Coins, it is your lucky day… Leprechauns never lie!

Aah! but never forget, lads, that leprechauns aren’t just any fairy creatures. Leprechauns are linked to the Green Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins - 1 lb bag -II Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish mythology (video by Cirbrath, courtesy of  Celticlight1). A very old tale indeed. Watch it one day, lads. You’ll like it.

Aye, so, unlike fairies who fly about in green forests, waving magic wands, and  making children’s dreams come true, leprechauns are different. Leprechauns spend their time making shoes—the kind with thin, upward bent pointed toes!

In their spare time, leprechauns collect gold coins and store them in black pots called cauldrons. They hide their pots of gold at the end of rainbows, where no one knows how to find it. And lucky ye be, if ye ever found it!

Aye! but there is more… If ever you catch one, you can’t keep it, I’m telling ya. Leprechauns have a secret for escaping. And there is no knowing how they escape!

But listen here, Lads. Listen now; I know how leprechauns escape.

My Grand Da, the greatest leprechaun hunter in all Ireland, told me their secret, lads. And now I give it to ya. But you must keep it secret. Never tell a soul, or ye be pricking your toes on thistles and be bitten by caterpillars and other such crawling critters.

Grand Da, Conchobhar, Lover of Hounds, that be his name, bless his soul.  He be the one who told me about their magic!  That's What Leprechauns Do - bookYea, leprechauns use magic, lads, to grant their captors three wishes, if ye let them go!

Aye, lads,  I’m telling ya, That’s What Leprechauns Do to escape.

Eh, don’t be all whirlygig, settle down, and let me tell ya how to catch your very own leprechaun!

Well then, don’t be bockety. Pay attention, lads!

Leprechauns are invisible, aye.  Only on St.Patricks Day can ye see them. On St. Patrick’s days they lurk around large, mossy tree trunks and hide behind old tree stumps by lakes.

St. Patrick’s Day, lads, is the day to hunt for leprechauns and get your three wishes!

But wait! Don’t stampede yet. Leprechauns are not easy to spot, I say. They be short, not taller than 5 or 6 feet, that’s all. They wear beards and tall hats! and don’t like being seen by humans.

Forum Novelties Mr. Preprechaun Complete CostumeLeprechauns never lets ya see them. You must trick them to see them. And for that, you need a Leprechaun Costume, laddie. You must dress like a leprechaun every wit, in beard and all.  Or ye don’t stand a chance, I’m telling ya. Dress up, you must. That’s the only way a leprechaun will let ya see it.

But that’s not all, I say.

Next, ye must stand guard near a mossy tree trunk or an old log, the likes where leprechauns have been spotted before. But catching your very own leprechaun is the trickiest part of all, lads.

Here is How You Catch a Leprechaun

2 Lbs Lightly Salted Pistachios in Green Burlap BagIf you don’t find your leprechaun at the customary places, don’t fret. You will certainly find one, sitting on a rock, all alone, by the green apple trees, counting its coins. But beware. That’s a trick too! When it sees ya, it’ll pretend you scared it, only to keep from granting your wishes. So be careful running towards leprechauns. It frightens them! A frightened leprechaun won’t grant ye your wishes!…Nay.

So never run after a leprechaun. Never scare a leprechaun. And above all else, never approach a leprechaun without a handful of Lightly Salted Pistachio nuts. And for goodness sake, lads, have your Burlap Potato Bag ready to catch it.

Just walk slowly towards it, lads, as careful as can be. If they smell the pistachios in your hands, they’ll let you get near, and that’s when you catch it in your bag.

Got it?…

Then go ahead and make your three wishes!

Do you know what my three wishes are, lads? Chococolate Emerald Gemstones Candy - 5 lb bag

Green and White Unicorn Pops - 24 pice displayWhen I catch my leprechaun, I will certainly wish for Chocolate Emerald Gemstones Candy for great wealth.  Three Green and White Unicorn Pops to last me all day. And a Super Sized Shamrock Sucker for good luck.


That be my three wishes.


These wishes are within any leprechaun’s power to grant. Especially if you tempt it with a glass full of Kiwi Frooba Bursting Fruit Bubbles Jar - II Kiwi Frooba Fruit Bubbles, and a hand full of Pearlescent Lime Green 1 inch Gumballs - 850 piece casePearlescent Lime Green Gumballs candies.

I say leprechauns have a thing for green candies, lads. That’s why they only show up on St. Patrick’s Day. So, as long as ye treat your leprechaun kindly, never yelling or fretting near it, it will grant your sweet tooth wish, then through a tantrum to escape!

But Here is a Secret About Leprechauns

Ye must never, never. And I repeat, never give leprechauns Green Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate Candy.

Why not?!

Why don’t ya know, lads? Leprechauns love  Green Chocolate Kisses! They’ll eat loads of it, then get itchy and blame ya for giving them an allergy!.. And an itchy leprechaun will refuse to grant your three wishes… That is the truth, lads!

Shamrock  Pops - 12 piece bagAnd, oh! an allergic leprechaun is not to trifle with. It will certainly trick you into giving it all your lucky  Green Shamrock Lollipops. Ye can bet your green boots on that!

Aye, lads, sick leprechauns won’t grant any wishes! Nay, no matter how sad ye be. And that is where the Luck O’ the Irish Green Hot Chocolate Cauldron comes in handy. It contains the only cure, I know for  itchy leprechauns. One mug full of it should heal a leprechaun on the spot.

If after the green hot chocolate treatment your leprechaun is not healed—and they usually won’t be—don’t fret. You can still get your leprechaun to grant your three wishes even if it is still itchy!

Belleek Shamrock Mug -II

Here is the truth, lads; the trick is the same green chocolate treatment! but it must be served in a Shamrock Lucky Mug or your leprechaun won’t drink it!

And that is that! That’s the rapid cure for itchy leprechauns!

The Luck O’ the Irish Green Hot Chocolate Cauldron makes 8 mugs of the green magic cure to keep your leprechaun healthy.

Now get your  Green Hot Chocolate Cauldrons, lads and lasses, and go catch a leprechaun!…

Good luck!

Height: 3 Inches.
Diameter 4.5 Inches wide.
The cauldron contains 10 ounces of Irish Green Hot Chocolate Mix”.
Made in the USA.
Shipping weight ~ 1 lb.
ORDER NOW at Candy Warehouse before we run out!

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