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Jumbo Football Pinata

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Is your football team about to play a fierce opponent?

Don’t worry!  Plan to win that game and be prepared to celebrate it with this giant Football Pinhada filled with candies!

No one enemy will bring this Pinhata ball down, but you and your playmates will have fun breaking it. It is full of goodies just for you. So instead of catching and throwing this ball, this one is a hit! And make sure you stay right underneath it when it breaks because candy is going to rain down hard upon your head. So wear your helmet!

So, the next time you  have a big football game, play a trick on your friends and bring a baseball bat for the fun afterwards.  And don’t worry, if your team didn’t win, celebrate a good game anyway, with a big harrah and this amazing pinhada. Who knows your friends may like it so much that someone else will bring the Pinhata to the next game, and for sure a good attitude like that, will win the game.
Pinhata height: 20 Inches
Width: 11 Inches

The Pinhata shipping weight is less than 8 lbs.

ATTENTION:  This Piñata does NOT include candies, so feel free to visit the Candy Warehouse and pick your favorites to fill it to the brim.





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