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Giant Turkey With 96 Feather Lollipops – (Scroll down for info)

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Giant Turkey With 96 Feather Lolipops

This Giant Turkey With 96 Feather Lollipops center piece is in fact a candy dispenser.  Each colorful feather is a delicious lollipop to entice more and more relatives to come to come to your home for Thanksgiving dinner!

There are 96 hard delicious candy lollipop feathers in this Thanksgiving turkey candy dispenser and center piece. The feather lollipops come  in 4 delicious Fall flavors: Green Apple, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.

Just imagine this gorgeous Thanksgiving Turkey dinner table center piece adorning your thanksgiving table.  Did the Pilgrims ever imagine it would come to this?

You will find it hiding from turkey predators at  Candy Warehouse.

Thanksgiving Day just got even more fun! What would your hostess say, when you present her with one of these glorious gobble gobble turkey center pieces as a Thanksgiving surprise?

Order yours today at Candy Warehouse . But keep it a secret! until Thanksgiving.  I am sure you will not lack for Thanksgiving dinner invitations once you show up with this lovely gift for the hostess!

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The Giant Thanksgiving Turkey Candy Dish Flavor-Color Chart is as follows:

Green Apple: red/green
Grape: purple/red
Cherry: red/orange/yellow
Blue Raspberry: blue/white

Feather Sucker Specifications-
Net Weight: 1.5 Ounce
Candy Length: 4 1/2 Inches
Total Length: 9 Inches
Shipping Weight ~ 20 lbs.
The Turkey Height: 12 Inches

The Turkey display set includes 96 assorted Feather Lollipops.  Feathers are not sold separately.
Sorry, stuffing and Tryptophan not included!



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