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Fruit Filled Candy Sea Shells – 10 lb. case

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Fruit Filled Candy Sea Shells - 10 pound case

Fruit Filled Candy Sea Shells are sweet and delicious French candy shaped like sea shells.  

They are perfect for your “Under the Sea” candy buffet and will be sensational as a sweet bite after seafood dinner to complete the shore experience in a wave of delightful flavors.

Each sea shell is fruit filled in a kaleidoscope of bright irresistible colors.

And they are found at Candy Warehouse.

The box comes with 10 pounds of these fabulous delights! approximately 75 pieces per pound,  so you won’t run out too son.
Each shell is 1 inch in length.  The unit price is $7.95 per pound, but your box comes with 10 pounds. So for the total cost, multiply the unit price by 10.
Each pillow shell is wrapped individually, and each is of course filled with and assortment of real fruit.
These candies are, of course, the very best of France.
The total shipping weight is 11 lbs.
You don’t need to fly to France for these delicacies.  So you shouldn’t go too long without them.  Candy Warehouse  will make sure they are delivered safely to your door on time for your special event, which at my home that event may be as simple as watching a Napoleon war movie!



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