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Football Suckers -12 piece box

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Super Bowl Sunday cannot happen without these suckers, to bite as you get nervous during your favorite team’s critical moves.

It is a well known fact that the highest food consumption day in the United States besides Thanksgiving, is Super Bowl. It is estimated that an 8 million pounds of avocados fruit is turned into guacamole on that day!  And 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips are gracefully consumed during the Super Bowl football game.

However to keep your crowd of football fans subdued you need to to tame them with these adorable football-shaped, brown suckers. They are fruit flavored and a perfect sweet treat for football fans.

Your only duty is to have plenty of them on a bowl, over the coffee table, by the TV, and enjoy the football season.

Sucker Specifications are:
Length: 2 Inches
Total Length with the stick: 6 Inches
Unit Price = $0.50 per pop.
The box contains 12 wrapped Football Lollipops.
The shipping weight is less than 1/2 lb.

Surprise your football fan guests with these sweet football pop treats and they’ll love you for it!


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