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Easter Bunny Gummy Candy – 5 lb. bag

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Easter Bunny Gummy Candy - 5 lb. bag

Easter Bunny Gummy Candy are delicious. These gummy bunnies come in an assortment of bright pastel Easter colors and in assorted fruit flavors.

These Easter bunny gummy candies are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts fun. And can you imagine how pretty they’ll look in your glass candy dish during your Easter social? Let your guest rave over them. But you know those cute bunnies won’t stay that candy dish for long!

There are approximately 100 bunnies per pound. What a perfect way to teach your children how to count! When they arrive from Candy Warehouse, open the bag upon the kitchen table and let then count how may bunnies of each color there are in the bag — Of course this will be only a pass time because at the end more will end up in their mouth than counted!

You can buy Easter Bunny Gummy Candies at Candy Warehouse

Bunny Height: 1 1/4 Inch
Unit Price = $3.90/lb.
Bag contains 5 pounds of Gummy Easter Bunny Candy.
Made in the USA.
Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.


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