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Dinosaurs – Wall Decals

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Roarr! Can you see these friendly, happy Dinosaurs Wall Decals in your little boy’s bedroom walls?

These wall decals are made of paper and backed with low tack adhesive allowing repositioning the decals easily without damaging the wall paint.

This set of Dinosaurs includes 2 sheets of decals.  Found at

But you’ll want to make posting these Dinosaurs on your children bedroom wall a memorable event for them.  So why not add these  Gummy Dinosaurs candies to the fun?  You’ll find them at Candy Warehouse ready to come roar at your door. If you schedule it just right, your gummy dinosaurs candies will arrive about the same time as your decals will arrive, and you’ll won’t have to wait too long for the fun! Take a look at these yummy dinosaurs here below, but order them go to Candy Warehouse.

Gummy Dinosaurs - 24-Piece Display -2

Wait! wait, the fun is not over yet.  You must add a Dinosaur story book to the fun and then end it with a Dinosaur movie  such as Walking With Dinosaurs or a dinosaur cartoon on their pajamas.  And don’t forget to take a few pictures of this bedroom dinosaur party for your memory album and for the grandparents.

The job of being a Mom can be a drag or it can be a dazzling experience, if you take the opportunities to make small moments a memorable event for your children.  Of course now, and not too much into the future children will not say the appreciative words as adults do, but wait until they grow up and the memories come fresh into their minds!  Then, you will be rewarded tenfold for these little experiences.  But don’t do them just for your children, these moments are as much for you as it is for them, because when they are gone, these memories will be a treasure to you. And if you allow yourself to forget the stresses of life and delve into the experience, you will have more fun than you can imagine, doing these little things together with your children.

Take time and have a lot of fun!


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  1. So cute! aren’t they?


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