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Darth Vader Giant PEZ Candy Dispenser

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Are there fierce warriors coming to your party?  You can outdo them any time with these Darth Vader Giant PEZ Candy Dispenser! And may the Force Be With You!

This over-sized Darth Vader PEZ head! stands over a foot tall. Darth holds up to 12 PEZ candy cartridges, and comes with 6 PEZ fruity candy cartridges.

It comes loaded with PEZ midi-chlorians, each bite will improve your intuition and reflexes.

If you lifting Darth’s head an entire roll of fruity sweets will be dispensed and a recording of the Star Wars theme song will play! What can be cooler than that?

With Darth Vader at your party, the only trouble you’ll have is keeping the little warriors hands off him!
Darth is not from a start far away, but he is Made in the USA.

So…may the Force be with you.

Shipping Weight:  Less than 3 lbs.


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