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Christmas Bubblegum Buddy Candy – Packs 24-piece box

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Christmas Bubblegum Buddy Candy

I can’t imagine anything cuter than these Christmas Bubblegum Buddy Candies as a Christmas gift present for a small child.  These are jolly Christmas candy characters molded from colorful gumballs. Small children especially those with young teeth, love them, because they are soft to chew.

Not just small children but adults love them too.

Wouldn’t Santa just love to take a bunch of these Buddy candies collection in his gift bag and display them on your children’s bed stand?–where it can be easily seen on the Christmas morning, of course!

You’ll find then at Candy Warehouse in a pretty box wit box includes 24 acrylic packs.

They are marvelous also as a decorating touch on cake tops.  But I like them as a finishing touch after icing my cupcakes.  Even when you don’t have time to bake and decorate your own cupcakes, get some cupcakes from the store and make them look like a million bucks by adding one of these Christmas Bubblegum Buddy Candies on top.  Then sneak on over a napkin on the desk of your boss or your favorite friend at work.  Who knows, you may even make a foe a friend at work with one of these buddy candies as a surprise!

The icing accents are delicious, colorful and pretty.

This assortment on the image above includes four adorable Christmas designs:

  • Christmas Bear
  • Snowman
  • Santa Claus
  • Penguin

Each gumball has a diameter of nearly 1 inch.
The acrylic display Box Dimensions (Inches) are: 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x 2
The unit price is $4.00/pack.
The box includes 24 acrylic packs of Christmas Bubblegum Buddies Candy.  And they are Made in the USA.
The shipping weight  is ~ 8 lbs.

DISCLAIMER: Candy character design assortment may vary from photograph shown.  No refund offered for design or color variance.


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