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Candy Pop and Fizzy Powder Candy Cauldrons – 12-Piece Display (scroll down for info)

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Candy Pop and Fizzy Powder Candy Cauldrons - 12 piece display

Brooms, witches, and children trick-or-treating are memories we have of fun times playing and trick-or-treating, during Halloween.

Halloween BoysBut unfortunately it is no longer safe for our children to race trough the streets, knocking on doors in the neighborhood trick-or-treating like we used to do.

However they can still have a load of safe fun at private parties, at churches and school parties, where they can still live their fantasy, wearing their Halloween costumes, and trick-or-treating, from a safe candy buffet table or at booths hosted by loved ones, and those that we parents know and trust. Pumpkin Glass Candy Jar- II

Thus; with a little imagination, and with our Pumpkin Glass Candy Jar filled with sweet treats we can provide a fun, amazing Halloween experiences for our children.

For example, children absolutely love to dip a hard candy pop in Fizzy Powder Candy Cauldrons, lick it and feel the ghoulishly, fizzy sweet taste on their tongues!

But make no mistake adults love this treat too!

Halloween Spider Webs & Wbbing - pack So at Halloween, bring out your Halloween Spider Webs, the broom sticks, and your Halloween decorations.  Dress up as a fairy or as a witch and decorate your home for the spooky party.  When you are done, wait and get  ready  for a lot of running around and excited screams.A Halloween Reader - Poems - Stories and Plays from Halloween Past

 You may want to get a Halloween Reader and prepare a suspense story too! Something not scary. Or  perhaps you may want to prepare a little act and involve the children in the skit, to help them settle down a  little!

 Later, when things go boo in the night, be a good witch and bring out your magic Halloween Orange Hot Chocolate Cauldron.

Orange Hot Chocolate Cauldron

And you do need witch’s Halloween Hersheys Candy for the well behaved.  And a bowl of Halloween Fruit Sours Chewey Candy Balls for the naughty ones. And, of course, Witch Hat Lollipops Rings  and a Witch Pinata for everyone!

Halloween Hersheys Candy -100 piece bag Halloween Fruit Sours Chewy Candy Balls - 5 lb bag Witches Hat Lollipop Rings - 12-piece Box Witch Pinata


Cauldrons Description:
Unit Price = $1.65/pack.
The display box contains 12 packs of Candy Pop and Fizzy Powder Candy Cauldrons.
The shipping weight  is about 2 lbs.


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