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Candy Dispenser Avengers – PEZ

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Candy Dispenser Avengers – PEZ (Dispensers collection only – no candy)

All of you Avengers fans, here is a set you can’t omit from your PEZ candy dispenser collection.

Earth’s mightiest heroes are back and more determined than ever to protect your candy stash from the evil Asgardian god Loki and his evil army of Chitauri aliens.

You’ll find this Avengers PEZ candy dispenser and more at this link at Candy Warehouse.

This classic Marvel Comics cast of earth-protecting characters Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk are ready and waiting to dispense fruity PEZ candy right away for you.

Have fun with these unique avengers characters, but don’t forget they are collectible items and will be worth real money someday, if you take good care of them!

Unit Price = $2.00


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