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Buttterfly Lollipops -120 piece bag

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Butterfly Lollipops make a colorful butterfly candy bouquet, ready for a lovely gift that no friend will ever forget! Or you can give individual candy butterflies to your best friend or sister.  Eat some!  or eat many of them!

Nothing says spring like butterflies, twinkling from flower to flower in the sunshine! Especially these butterfly Lollipops.

Order Candy Warehouse to catch them and deliver them home to you on time for that lovely picnic outdoors.

They are also a tasty decoration for a place setting on your dinner table, or a favor, or even to decorate a birthday cake.

The sticks are long enough to be arranged into a candy bouquet design for surprise bouquet gift.

And are you a Spring bride to be?  And imagine! instead of throwing your prized flower bouquet to your bridesmaids, why not throw a bouquet of these amazing candy butterflies!  How is that for a sweet new tradition?

The total length of these lollipops is about 12 inches and each butterfly is individually wrapped with cellophane clear paper in an assortment of 7 colors and flavors:

Color  and  Flavors:
Blue : Blueberry
Green : Apple
Yellow : Lemon
Orange : Orange
Red : Strawberry
Pink : Cherry
Purple : Grape

Unit Price = $0.35/lollipop.
Bag contains 120 Assorted Colors Butterfly Hard Candy Lollipops.
Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs. Kosher Certified.

DISCLAIMER: There are unequal numbers of each color in a bag. The manufacturer places more of the popular colors/flavors in each mix of 120 pops. You will NOT receive equal numbers of every color!

DISCLAIMER: Color may vary from photographs. Manufacturing process often differs slightly with every batch. NO REFUNDS for COLOR variance.


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