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Beatrix Potter Wall Decal Stickers

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Beatrix Portter Wall Decal Sticker

This Beatrix Potter Wall Decal Stickers, feature Beatrix little rabbits and plants, flowers and little things.

This decal comes on a 28 x 20″ sheet. The approximate size when assembled fits an 8 ft. span; however, each design can be custom catered to fit your wall space, so you can feel free to be creative. Just specify what you want when you order.

When your decals are delivered to you, I wouldn’t recommend that you just open the package and stick them on your child’s wall. Unless you are decorating a baby’s nursery before the baby’s arrival, you should not do that. Have a little fun with it!

Here below are some marvelous ideas that I think you and your children will enjoy together while posting these wall decal stickers on their wall.


If your child is old enough, or even if your child has not arrived yet, and you have older children, take this remarkable opportunity to build a fun memory time with your children:

A Beatrix Potter Treasury - Peter Rabbit - BookI recommend getting a book, A Beatrix Potter Treasury – Peter Rabbit is a great book. You can get it here, or at your public library to read a Peter Rabbit story to your children while every little hand is involved in the project!

Children love a cozy time with mommy and listen to a fun story. Rabbits, frogs, butterflies, dragons, fairies and prices and princesses are their favorites.

Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny - gift box (Large image)Of course, a box of delicious Peter Rabbit Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies with enough chocolates candy bunnies to last through the whole fairy tale affair is a must for the occasion!

Take a look at this link for more Beatrix Potter items. They are great for gifts, crafts, entertainment and reading that The World of Beatrix Potter - Collectible Peter Rabbit by Kids Preferredwill help you make your event a real blast. Or, you may, instead, like to collect a few of them and make it an intimate bedroom Beatrix Potter Tales theme birthday party, just for close family, using the suggested Beatrix Potter CD-rom to make fun arts and crafts etc. After all, isn’t it for family memories sake that we give birthday parties?

…So, dare to stretch beyond the traditional balloons and birthday candles and do something different next time!

Now if you are decorating a nursery room for a new baby. Any of the ideas above would be perfect for preparing older siblings for the arrival of a new addition to the family. The trick is to make the older siblings feel they are included and are an important part of the preparations for the new arrival. This builds their expectation. And when the new brother or sister arrives they will be thrilled.

Having pampered our first child so much, we were terrified of sibling jealousy when we were waiting for our baby boy to be born.

So, when I heard that our son’s biological mother was nearing her delivery time, I took our three year old daughter into our bedroom, sat her on our bed; then took both her hands in mine, looked her straight in the eyes, and told her that “her”new baby brother was on his way in just a few days. I then told her that I would need a lot of  help from her. I asked her if she would like to help me take care of “her” baby brother.

John Lennon Baby Blanket“When ‘your’ brother arrives,” I said, “it will be really fun for you and me, and I will need your help with him,…Would you help me choose his little clothes in the morning, and help me dress him?” Then I sowed her the receiving baby blanket we would use to receive her little baby brother and to bring him home.

She was thrilled with the idea. I also asked, “When I change his diaper, would you do me a big favor and get the clean diaper for him, from the diaper bag?”  Then I showed her where the diaper bag was stored and how to get the diaper out. I even let get one out as training. By now she was feeling very important and helpful, and her mind was busy with thoughts of helping mommy take care of this amazing little gift that she was getting in a few days and not on jealousy.

A couple of days later I said to her, “I am so glad you are are going to help me with ‘you’r baby brother, because I really need your help with him.” And next I said, “Your baby brother will be very little for a while, and mamma will need to carry him a lot and feed him on her lap. Is that okay with you?” And immediately I added, “but you can always sit on my lap any time you want, okay?” Mama’s lap will always be yours too!” Her eyes sparkled with happiness and she went off to play.

Sometime during our family conversations about the new baby, I said to her “You and I will need to be very, very careful with ‘our’ new little baby. We will need to be very, very soft with our hands when we touch him, okay?” Then, I caressed her little hands ever so gently and told that we would need to be gentle just like that when touching the little Baby Brother.

The day our baby was born, I told her to come with me to her bedroom for some very special news. I sat her on the bed and told her that “her” baby brother was just born at the hospital, and she needed to choose one of her prettiest dresses to wear on the day we brought him home.

When the day arrived to bring the baby home, she choose pink pants and a top to wear instead of the dress. I didn’t say anything! But, I bathed her, washed her hair, and tied pretty ribbons on her hair. I told her that her baby brother was going to love “her” very much, and that he was going to be very happy when he would see what a pretty little sister had, and that they were going to have a lot of fun playing together when he was old enough to sit by himself and play with her.

Before putting on her clothes I sprinkled a little bit of baby powder on her body.  then I asked her if she would like to help me put on baby powder on “her little brother’s” legs and feet, after we bathed him that night.

Our little girl was all happiness and could hardly wait.

There was never jealousy. But here is the secret…

  • Keep your word!

I kept every single word and made sure our little girl participated and helped me with all the activities that I had asked her to help me with.

Since caring for a baby is a slow and careful process, having her help me didn’t slow me down at all.  For example, before our first baby powder event, I showed her how gentle we needed to be with baby brother’s legs and feet and especially with his little head.

  • She was so amazing careful with him. So amazing gentle that it made me cry many times!

I made sure she felt that her help was wanted, and that she had not lost her special place in our hearts and in our home, but had actually gained more of our attention with the arrival of her baby brother. This little extra effort, was actually very fun for me too, and ended in such a blessing to us in our home.

It really wasn’t any extra work to prepare her that way. I didn’t do anything extra, I didn’t by anything new, and I didn’t spend any more time with her than I would have spent anyway. I only used what was routine and turned it into fan for her. And by doing this, we never experienced sibling jealousy in our home.

These are suggestions, you can create your own event to prepare your children to receive a new baby in the family.

However, don’t forget that it is very hard, dealing with sibling jealousy.  I have seen it, and once it is set, there is no getting rid of it.

It is a whole lot more pleasant, and it takes a lot less time, turning routine time into a preparing time for older siblings, than to deal with jealousy problems later.

Enjoy your Beatrix Potter Wall Decal Stickers!

Beatrix Potter -Tale of Tom Kitten


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