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Batman Superman Super Jumbo Candy Canes

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Take a look at these!  Take a look at these!  Don’t you just want to be a child again so your Mom or Dad can surprise with these out of this world Batman and Superman candy canes?  I Know I want to.  But, I don’t need to go on wishing, I can take charge and get them for my myself, at Candy Warehouse, if the temptation is too great!

These are no ordinary candy canes, they are jumbo candy canes featuring unique fruity flavors in your favorite DC Comics super heroes of Batman and Superman box!

The unit price comes to $2.00 a cane.  For a jumbo cane?!  Yes! The display box comes with 12 packs, so you will have enough to indulge, give some and hide some for later!

The shipping weight  is about 5 lbs., which is very affordable for the treasure you are getting.


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