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Autumn Crunch Candy Leaves – Lemon and Tangerine Flavors – 6 piece box

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Autumn Crunch Candy Leaves Can you just see one of these delicious, sweet, citrus flavor fall leaves tucked neatly into the fold of a napkin, and sat upon each plate on your dinner table in the dining room?… Or the leaves can be placed loosely on each plate, or scattered around over the table  as an eatable decoration for your Fall dinner table.

These crunchy candy leaves are available at Candy Warehouse.

Autumn crunch candy leaves are so pretty. They come in orange and yellow fall colors, fashioned like real fall leaves and elegantly wrapped in, crisps, transparent cellophane wrap, tied with a silk ribbon. Ready for a gift to those you think the world of!

They are also lightly crunchy, but not a jaw breaker and are flavored in lemon and tangerine zests!

There is so much you can do with these elegant sweet, fall leaves to make the people you love happy!

For example, on your next cross-country sky trip, don’t forget to pack some of them in your back-pack for a treat on the trail!…As the silent snow gently falls gently over your head and shoulders as it always does on the skiing trail and on the on the trees, these delicious candy leaves will certainly keep your heart warm!

101 Things To Do On A Date Besides Dinner and a Movie And if you took a date on a cross skiing trip, imagine how delighted she will be, if you surprise her on the trail with one of these one-of-the-kind treats? Will that make a good impression on you or what?

Perhaps you are not a skier, but you want to do something different with your date besides a dinner and movie. You may enjoy trying some of the brilliant ideas from dating gurus listed on this book, 101 Things to Do On a Date Besides Dinner and a Movie.

These are ideas to fit every personality. With these ideas and the Autumn Crunch Candy Leaves, you should be all set for a great time on your date. And imagine what she will tell her friends about you for years to come?

Each leaf length is 2.5 inches.
Unit Price = $3.00/piece.
The box contains 6 wrapped Autumn Crunch Candy Leaves, 3 lemon flavored and 3 tangerine flavored.
They are Made in the USA.
Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.


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