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Assorted Fish Lollipops – 24 piece box

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Aren’t these little tropical fish lollipops adorable?

Fish with purpose! fish for these delicious Assorted Fish Lollipops!

Get them at Candy Warehouse for lunch box surprises, and lunch bag surprises for Father-son-outings, such as that long waited fishing trip!

Hey, and don’t forget that exciting Scouts Fishing Merit Badge award meeting.  How about  handing out one of these pretty fish along with the patch as and additional reward for all that hard work, well earned patch?  I know Moms and Dads will love receiving one too.  After what, what is that Boy Scouts joke?  “The Mom does the work , but the Scout gets the badge!”  And since Girl Scouts, don’t tell that joke, they get two fishes for their hard work, ha ha!

These cute fish are made of hard candy and decorative icing.  All yummy and so tasty, you just want more.

 I love them… Children of all ages can’t resist them and grandma and grandpas are crazy about them!

The lollipops  are 2 inches in size and the pretty box comes with 24 assorted colors Tropical Fish Hard Candy Lollipops.

Best of all,… they are Made in the USA! so not only you get a fantastic sweet treat, but you also get to help our economy grow!  What else can be better?

Shipping weight on these is about 5 lbs. These Assorted Fish Lollipops come from our collection of 2170 Kosher Certified candy products, from Candy Warehouse.



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