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Pazumpa is a dream!

Like all children, as a child I loved candies.

Growing up in a remote area of the world, candy was so scarce that I would nearly fly to heaven and back when my father would arrive from an 18-hour trip to a store and bring me one and occasionally two pieces of candies.

Those rare pieces of candies would be of only two flavors: a pineapple flavor or a mint flavor in beautiful foil and cellophane wrappings. I would keep the wrappings and play with them for weeks, although I hated the green color of the mint flavor hard candy. For some strange reason, as a child, dark green colors gave me a bad headache. And and those mint candies were dark green. However, I never said a word. It was candy; it was a gift! And as rare as the occasions were when I got a piece of candy, I was grateful for my one or two pieces of candies …even if it were green!

My family eventually moved to a less remote area and candy became a little more accessible.

Later, while visiting a large city, I happened upon a candy store. They sold nothing but candy—all types of candies! I remember feeling like a child all over again. In my giddy joy I went from bin to bin, enchanted by the shiny colorful wrappings. I filled my candy bag with a few of each variety. I was having a candy supper!

I shopped at that store only two more times after that day. That mall got remodeled and my candy castle closed—but I never forgot it. If it were up to me, that store would still be in business, doing millions of dollars in candy sales.

Since my first visit to that candy castle, my dream has been to make that same experience available to children living anywhere in the world.

So I created, the gift castle for parents who want to delight their children, even if you live in remote areas worldwide. I want you to experience the joy my father experienced…and your children to be surprised with the delight of receiving rare and unique gifts. And I want children living anywhere in the world to experience the same elation that I experienced when my father came home with the sparkle of wonderment in his hands.

Our goal is to help you and your children experience something unique, delightful and wonderful each time you visit us. We search for the finest and fanciest candies, chocolates, wall decals, toys, trinkets, and surprises for children. But we also desire to bring joy to adults—fine, unique gifts to bring delight, surprise, and reciprocal love.

Let us help you build those eternal memories in your child that don’t decline with age.

Have a wonderful Pazumpa experience!