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About Pazumpa

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Pazumpa is a dream!

As a child I loved candies.  As an adult I seem to love candy even more.  Perhaps because of the abundant variety of candies there are to choose from these days.  However, with as many varieties of flavors, shapes and color candies we have nowadays, unfortunately stores all over seem to repeated carry only a handful of these delights.  And the rest of the real attractive and more delightful flavors of confections seem to be hidden and never get to the store shelves to the general public.

When I was a child, growing up in a remote area of the world candy was so scarce, that I would nearly fly to heaven and back when my father would arrive from a 18 hour trip to the store and bring me sometimes one and sometime two pieces of candies.  At that time those pieces of candies would be either pineapple flavor or mint flavor.  I never liked the green color mint flavor hard candy that he would bring, but I never said a word, because it was candy and even as a child under seven I was grateful to be getting one or sometimes two pieces of those hard candies.

So I grew up and eventually moved to a large city.  One day I happened upon a candy store.  They sold nothing else but candy.  All types of candies it seemed.  As and adult I remember feeling like a child, going from bin to bin, enchanted with the many color wrappings and taking a few of each kind in my candy bag to buy and take home for a candy supper!  That store is long closed, but I never forgot it, and if it were up to me it would still be in business doing millions of dollars in candy sales.

Since my visit to that candy castle, my dream has been to provide the most beautiful, the most delightful, unusual and tastier candies, chocolates, and sweets to people everywhere in the world, most especially to those living in remote areas in the US and abroad where they don’t have access to the best, cutest, gourmet candies.  So if you don’t live where the best of the best is readily available, you don’t need to abandon your fine taste for fine candies and chocolates, Pazumpa, the Candy Castle is dedicated to serving you and to ensure that the best and the fanciest candies on the planet are delivered to your door.

Honestly, most of the candies you’ll find here at Pazumpa, you won’t find them not even in the majority of the finest stores.  So enjoy!


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